ILLUMINATE: Ignite the Light

When I started blogging in 2012 as an academic requirement, I didn’t know what it entailed. I just thought I will write about fashion because it was a time when I hardly repeat clothes, and it will be a fun way to document my looks. My audience were just my Facebook friends but I felt embarrassed so I stopped. Then, I posted sporadically. And when I really blogged last year, things started to change. I got sponsors, whom I didn’t know they knew I even existed. I have to step it up every time. I interacted with readers and fellow fashion bloggers all around the world, all while being a full time activist for GABRIELA.

2016 came, and with it came the responsibilities. I quit my first job mere months after, and I struggled constantly because there are a lot of fashion bloggers out there whose posts are infinitely better than mine. Truth be told, I can’t keep up with my blog. I keep postponing articles and photos. I can’t even post on Instagram consistently. I knew I needed motivation yet I couldn’t find it anywhere, no matter how many fashion blogs and magazines I read. That, and perhaps better camera lens.

But then I got invited to my first fashion show, Illuminate: Ignite the Light by Lumina Events Management. My friend’s friend was one of the organizers and when she invited me, I knew I had to say yes. Then, the event. It was entirely intimidating, for there wasn’t anyone I know. I was unprepared for the glitz and glamour, but that was real life. The farthest thing from my simple lifestyle. It was amazing, for there were photographers, bloggers, artists and models everywhere you go, and they all look dashing. There were beautiful people wherever you look. The show itself defines what a fashion show should be like, with themes like Edwardian era, galaxy, fantasy, playground, each with matching interpretative dancers, LED dancers, hiphop artists and BMX riders. And the music! From orchestral to electrohouse, they blew the house down. I love the energy all throughout the event. I relished the creativity and aesthetic of the clothes. We have astounding Filipino designers! I won’t mind doing that for a big chunk of my life. It definitely gave me the motivation I direly need, and not just for my writing, but for fitness and beauty as well. Maybe I’ll make a post about my regimens?

This will be a long post, but please bear with me, I took tons of photos and I can’t pick properly. Enjoy!

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